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triple trouble


. There are millions of wonderful designed websites with loads of content and functionality out there. But nobody seems to really use them ... what's wrong ?

Most of us would answer something like: hey the design and the marketing need a change ! blah ... Marketing is responsible to bring folks on your page, the designer is responsible for convincing them to stay ... blah ... The magic words are "design", "content" and "webmarketing" blah ... The difficult balance between design, content, useability, cost control and marketing are key to succeed blah ... While the marketing needs offensive design and slogans, the page itself needs useability blah .... blah again .... At the beginning of each project write down what are your main targets. Mind them at every step, more blah ...

Is it all about design and marketing ?

No ! all what you think is key to the success of projects is important, but absolutely secondary ! To gain confidence and faith in your work you have to be honest to your customers, your visitors and yourself.

You can design, fill content and promote one mn years, without
clean, classified, working, and meaningful content

you are going to **** up everyone in a very short time span.

The keys to success are controlling and preparation of your content ! Never ever start with anything else. Calculate for these tasks at least 70% of your time.

defensive design

place additional information at a seperate place.

don't use newest client side technologies at commercial homepages - many users are browsing with outdated software !

2-3 colours and their variations are enough, the design you choose
needs to stay readable !

defensive links

thoughtful place useful links !

--> use links, that users can see and follow

--> they should always open a new window, if they lead to a place, where content of your page definitely gets skipped

defensive content

thoughtful place different contents

one page -> one subject

internal links should be precise and get opened in the same window