how to use the dll complete sample project

This sample does only work, when my dyndns-service is running, it also takes sometimes a few minutes to start it (please try again later if it does not work atm).

Special interests:

Any control derived class can be used inside a DataGrid, therefore i wrote a .net-dll, which allows to do this dynamically for every control in an project. The sample illustrates the use of a DropDown and a DataGrid inside a DataGrid.

This technique allows the user to show and edit relationsships between tables, views or between multiple xml-files within only one user interface. Further it allows to use the appropriate control for any datatype and relationship (e.g. a DataGrid for 1:n relationships, or a DateTime control for dates and timespans.

I left out options to add and delete data, because this sample is running on my private pc.


I've been to lazy to implement the following:

- paging
- create a process, that reads a schema and creates dynamically such a datagrid

- creating a nice interface or deriving the DataGrid and TemplateColumn classes for a more convenient use


how to use the dll

complete sample project
(attention: just a showcase for using the dll and at some points a hack)